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"Why do you want this job?"

Because under capitalism I am forced to sell my labor in order to subsist.

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feel like taking nudes but my phones dead :-((

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talking to white people about reverse racism


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"Carpet Burn" | ΠMagazine

photography: Matt Lambert
styling: Paul Maximilian Schlosser

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Anonymous :
Have you ever had a sugar daddy cause this one dudes offering but like Idk what its like

yeah i have! from my experience i can say that sugar relationships can be very financially beneficial but tricky as well depending on the level of communication between the two people.
i think the most important thing about the relationship is knowing what is to be expected of each other. are they gonna want to take you out in public, is it a private relationship, what are they are offering (bill payment, cash to spend, gifts, etc.), what they expect in return, things like that.
make sure you’re comfortable with the situation before you start too!! don’t jump into anything you’re not ready for, okay? good luck my friend, and feel free to ask me things about this off anon if you want advice or just to talk privately :-)

Anonymous :
I have a really big crush on you. And i have for like a year or two

this is really sweet!! i hope you’re well and hopefully we get to meet soon! :-)


How do you give a handjob and like not put ur mouth on it…

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hey crush, look at this


hey crush, look at this

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